Rate for personal client : 80$ + taxes per hour, regardless of the number of gems and jewels.

For consultation : 60$  + taxes for 30 min.

For professionals : please contact us.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by calling us at (514) 508-2939.


General policy

As stipulated below in the limiting clauses, the appraisal of gemstones or jewellery depends on the level of professionalism of the appraiser, on the current and fluctuating market conditions. It is possible to have a different value of the same gem or jewellery piece at a later date.

For these reasons, the gemmologist/ appraisers at the Gemstone and Jewellery Appraisal Centre are highly trained professionals, constantly connected to the realities of the market.

Limiting clauses

1. Is valid only the original appraisal certificate, intact and bearing the signature of the appraiser.

2. The information contained in this report is the result of gemmological knowledge and examination based on research and interpretation of subtle clues. The examinations have been carried out with the greatest possible accuracy and with the instruments available at the Centre. Since the classification of gems is not an immutable science, the conclusions may vary according to equipment, knowledge and the evolution of investigative techniques, and therefore, possible error or misjudgment are possibilities. Therefore, this report should be considered as an opinion and not as evidence.

3. The conclusions of this report take into account the nature of the material at the time of the examination and in no way presume any treatment the material may undergo after the examination.

4. Customer agrees and acknowledges that the appraiser and the Centre are not liable for any damage, omission, error, loss, accident or destruction of the items entrusted to it for examination, regardless of cause, unless the appraiser and the Centre are proven negligent.

5. This report is drawn up at the client’s request, for his personal use and exclusively for the purpose defined at the beginning of this report.  This report reflects only and to the best of our knowledge a professional opinion established at the time of the examination. Therefore, the appraiser and the Centre are not responsible for any differences that may arise through repetition of examinations and/or through the use of other standards or reference norms or through the use of methods other than those used by the appraiser and the Centre for this examination.

6. The geographical origin of the gem examined is given for indication only, if it is possible. This proposal refers to similarities in physicochemical characteristics observed in samples of deposits known at the time of the examination.  It is rarely scientifically demonstrable that a gem comes from a given deposit.

7. In today’s market for coloured stones, treatments and embellishments are a reality, and most gems have been treated in one way or another to improve their appearance. The presence or absence of treatment is an important factor in the evaluation of the stone. The report will mention any treatment that has been able to be identified. These conclusions are valid only at the time of examination. It is strongly recommended that coloured stones be re-evaluated on a regular basis, or if the owner has changed, or if any setting or scaling work has been done. The Centre has a policy of providing treatment information to its clients.

8. This report, the name of the appraiser and the Centre, its logo or any other inscription relating to the appraiser and the Centre, may not be used, or reproduced in whole or in part, nor may the contents of this report be used, even in a general way, without the written permission of the appraiser and the Centre.

9. The diamond classification system and nomenclature used are those of the Gemological Institute of America.

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