The Gemstone and Jewellery Appraisal Centre of Montreal is a hub dedicated in order to help you in the appraisal of gemstones, jewellery and watches.

It is with complete objectivity and independence that our experts evaluate your prized possessions, according to their actual quality and current market value.  Even if you have had your valuables evaluated in the past, a second up to date opinion will help confirm your first evaluation.

We can help you know the potential of your jewellery.  Over the years, and during the course of one’s life, it is not uncommon to accumulate several pieces of jewellery such as rings, bracelets and/or pendants.  With our knowledge of current trends, we can assist you in redesign for a more modern piece of jewellery, which in turn may increase the value.

Other than an appraisal for insurance purposes, it is often during a painful life experience such as death in the family, divorce, or financial struggle that a person wishes to have a gemstone or piece of jewellery appraised.  The Centre was created out of a desire to provide the best possible support to people in need.

If the decision is to transform a piece of jewellery towards an engagement, wedding, or unique gift, we are able to aid and advise.  From design to execution, we guide you and can issue an appraisal report of your newly acquired jewellery piece.

We have an exclusive partnership with – Lelièvre Laboratory of Gemmology (LLG) – which allows you to obtain an identification certificate quickly if we feel it can contribute to the value of your gemstone, jewellery or watch.  For more information on the different identification certificates offered by LLG, you can directly consult their website:

Located in the heart of Montreal, near the Phillip Square, the Gemstone and Jewellery Appraisal Centre responds to the growing demand of professionals and individuals who wish to know the value of their stones in complete confidentiality.


For any request, you can contact us by filling out this form. You can also contact us by email at, by phone at (514) 508-2939.