The Centre puts its evaluation skills and equipment at the service of individuals who wish to obtain an independent and objective opinion on the quality and value of gemstones, jewellery and watches.

Our appointments can be made at the Centre or at home.

We can offer you personalized services:

▪ Tips on buying or selling a stone;

▪ Identification and classification of pearls, diamonds and other gems, with or without plotted diagrams;

▪ Evaluation of stones, jewellery and watches in the context of a share (succession or donation);

▪ Inventory of gemstones or jewellery;

▪ Preventive assessment of the replacement value of stones, jewellery and watches to take out insurance or adjust the amount of coverage.

▪ Evaluation in case of theft or loss on presentation of evidence (photos, videos, invoices).

▪ Information on how to sell your jewellery, stones and watches at the fairest price. Our evaluations are reliable and work with the utmost transparency.

▪ All our assessments are confidential. The assessment will only be given to the client.

▪ Documentation for proof of ownership of valuables against travel issues and border crossings. With an evaluation report (pdf) on your mobile phone, you can prove in good faith and justify the ownership of your jewellery.

▪ A word of advice: remember to take pictures of yourself carrying the item and ask for an evaluation before the flight!

▪ The appraisal report, in case of theft, can be sent directly to the police to expedite the identification of your property. Photos and detailed reports on weight, dimensions and visible characteristics will help investigators.


The process of an appointment

▪ The evaluation is done in your presence by taking photos and adressing settings of items.

▪ We will write the appraisal report after the appointment, allowing us to search for the fairest value based on current market prices.

▪ If a stone or piece of jewellery requires a follow-up examination or laboratory analysis, we will establish with you a deposit voucher for this item. It will therefore be covered by our insurance and will be returned to you after the analysis. Why do a lab test? Many stones have received treatments, which greatly lowers their value. A laboratory report will identify any anomalies present in the stone. As these stones are rare, the report will bring significant added value. This additional test cannot be done without your consent.

▪ Once the appraisal report is written, you will receive a hard copy and a pdf copy that you can pass on to your insurance company, notary, lawyer or rights holder. The Centre will only forward the report to the client, unless a court order is issued, which ensures impeccable impartiality and confidentiality.

You can contact us to make direct appointments at our offices or at your home.

Our email is and our phone (514) 505-2939.