The appraisal of jewellery and gemstones always requires the opinions of experienced professionals. That is why the Centre is made up of several gemmologist/appraisers skilled in their field of expertise. You are our priority. This team is aimed at serving your best interests.

Discretion, objectivity, honesty, scientific rigour and knowledge of the jewellery and gem markets are part of the DNA of the Gemstone and Jewellery Appraisal Centre of Montreal.


Marie-Hélène Corbin

CEO and president


Marie-Hélène is a certified gemmologist through Gem-A and accredited Senior Gemologist by the AGA (Accredited Gemologists Association).

As a gemmologist/appraiser, her ambitions are to promote the field of gemmology, and to actively participate in the recognition of this discipline, whether through education, or the identification and appraisal of gems and jewellery.

After graduation from Gem-A, Marie-Hélène worked as a buyer in stones and jewellery auctions.

In 2016, she took over the Montreal School of Gemmology (EGM), which she has been directing and developing ever since.

A few years later, faced with certain realities in the industry, she was keen on creating the first independent gem identification laboratory in Quebec: LLG (Lelièvre Laboratoire de Gemmologie). Her goal was to ensure that clients can identify gems with complete impartiality and discretion, thanks to the expertise of her team of gemmologists and the current technology of the laboratory’s equipment.

After time spent in the identification and authentication of jewellery and gemstones, Marie-Hélène created the Gemstone and Jewellery Appraisal Centre.

Her current objectives are :

  • to ensure the most complete service possible,
  • to deliver the most accurate and fair price, based not on the number or quality of gemstones and/or jewellery evaluated, but on the time spent on this mission. It is important that everyone can afford their valuable possessions appraised; the cost paid for this service should not be a barrier.





Céline Rose-David

Scientific Director


Based in Brussels, Céline is a certified gemmologist with a degree in History, Art and Archaeology. Specialized in medieval jewellery, she acts as an expert for several auction houses and courts in Europe.

Among others, she imparts her knowledge and passion during her courses at the EGM, creating a fascinating correspondence through styles, techniques and periods.

Her background and resume are impressive, revealing her passion and know-how for gems and jewellery :





The Centre at work


The expertise of our gemmologist/appraisers is indispensable.

Their evaluations are based on the best equipment that currently exists in the world of appraisal.

On the lookout for new technologies and developments in the field, the Centre is constantly investing in order to give its team the opportunity to offer the most accurate answers and assessments possible.